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A Sneak Peak Into My Shopping Trolley

SPYING ON MY SHOPPING TROLLEY I had a funny experience the other day….I am not sure if it has always happened or if I only just noticed… I was in the supermarket this week and suddenly experienced an acute awareness of other shoppers leering into my shopping trolley. I kept looking into my trolley wondering…

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The New Alternative Cappuccino

EPISODE 19 – THE NEW CAPPUCCINO Today I want to talk to you about another coffee option I have recently discovered that has really set my world on fire and I will explain exactly why. I have recently been spending my mornings planning my podcasts at a place called ‘Olivers Real Food’ which is up…

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Can I Get A 6 Pack Doing Sit Ups or Crunches?


EPISODE 18 – T432 – THE ULTIMATE FAT BURNER It’s Tooty Booty Tuesday and today I am super excited to be launching a 4 part supplement series with supplement expert and owner of Mass Nutrition – Oakleigh – Keegan Thornhill. You will be able to purchase these products direct from this website. You will have…

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How To Get Motivated DURING A Workout…The No.1 Tool That Changed The Shape of My Body

I am speaking today with my trainer – Paul Michael – who has transformed my body from where it used to be to where it is now…and I can tell you…I much prefer where it is now. We are talking about something that can really change the outcome of every single workout that you do…and…

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I Discovered Paradise & It Was Right Under My Nose…Is Yours?

Today it’s Fantasy Friday…one of my favourite days. I am coming at you from a VERY local…location. The reason I am coming at you from this location, is because quite often, our fantasy location is right under our nose! This location is literally 1.5km (1 mile) from where I live, and believe me, where I…

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The Best Post Workout Fast Food Option When You Are In A Rush!

  I did a crazy little experiment one morning recently after a series of frustrating post-workout events… I was in mid fitness competition training and it was becoming increasingly more difficult to ensure I was eating the right things at the right time. You know… School run, training, shopping blah blah blah…then remembering to EAT!…

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Lindy Olsen Reveals How Long It Really Takes To Understand Your Body, An Easier Way & A Surprising Fact About Her Post Baby Body

Welcome listeners and viewers to the and today I am lucky enough to be speaking with the amazing Lindy Olsen – Editor-in-Chief of Oxygen Magazine. What I would like to share with you is exactly how long it actually takes for you to figure it out. Figure out, how to work with your body…

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What You Are Currently Thinking & Feeling IS NOT Working…Here’s Why & How To Fix It!

  This would have to be one of the BEST and most ENLIGHTENING conversations I have ever had… I have been studying the brain, our thoughts and the affects they have on our body and experiences for years now. Sabiha Vorajee has a library of knowledge on this subject and she helps women to discover…

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The Motivation Myth – The Truth About How to Find It & Keep It!

The no. 1 question I am asked about body transformation is… “How do I get motivated?” The answer is this…. You DON’T…. Before you switch off….let me explain… First, let’s look at the definition of ‘motivation’ “a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way” The definition clearly states that something comes…

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FANTASY FRIDAY – My Fave Training Destination – The Ultimate Experience for Entrepreneurs & Go-Getters Looking for Transformation

If you are an entrepreneur then I am certain you have spent some time studying those who have gone before you. You have looked into the actions they have taken to make them a success. While I was in Thailand earlier this year I had the honour of interviewing the owner of the very successful…

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