berwick female weightloss

Berwick Female Weightloss

Here’s a little sneak peak into Berwick Female Weightloss specialist – Wendy Bentley

Well for starters…

The last thing your body needs is to lose ‘weight’.

As we have discussed before, losing ‘weight’ includes losing precious, fat-burning muscle.

Do you really want that? If you do, you are opening yourself up to having to eat less and less to maintain the body weight you are now!


Personally, I love food way too much to even consider doing such a thing and I would NEVER EVER, EVER do that to my clients!

Here’s the thing….(WARNING…I am going to go on a major, controversial rant!)

These all too common 12 week body transformation programs are geared up to get you moving…yet…they put you on a crazy 1200-1300 calorie diet all the while spending hours and hours doing cardio!

It’s the absolute worst possible combination and it is the very reason you are struggling to lose body fat now!

Every time you do this….you lower your bodies metabolic capacity.

Your body is extremely efficient and it will quickly adjust to the lower calories you are on.

This means…your new ‘maintenance’ calorie intake is the LOWER amount you have adjusted to where-as before you started dieting…you were able to maintain your body weight on a much higher calorie intake.

Now this is a very basic explanation…there is SO much more to it that this. Just know this…

There is a HIGH possibility the number ONE reason you find it harder and harder to lose body fat is because you continue to purchase 12 week programs that lower your calorie intake to ridiculous proportions all the while expecting you to increase your energy output to put you into a calorie deficit so you put all your weight back on again after the completion of the program….so you purchase it all over again!

Here’s a really IMPORTANT question you need to answer….

And consider this an ultimatum…

Do you want to continue to lower the amount of food you eat for the rest of your life so you end up living on lettuce leaves and feeling miserable….

OR Would you like to spend the time increasing your metabolic rate through intelligent, strategic feeding and training that works for YOUR body allowing you to lose body fat training less and eating more?

The fact is…I LOVE to train….I love working out…I love the burn…I love to sweat…BUT….

I also love to have a life and it’s a very busy one so I need limit how much of this I do.

Your body adapts to new behaviour rapidly….so if you ‘eat the whole elephant’ and throw everything at your desired fat loss as soon as you make the decision…you are in serious DANGER of leaving yourself nowhere to go once you hit plateau.

The SECRET is to strategically implement ‘tweaks’ in training and nutrition so you can lose body fat while eating the MOST amount of food and training the LEAST amount of hours per week.

Think about it….take the path of LEAST resistance and work WITH your body…

Respect your body

Nourish it

Get to know it

Work WITH it not against it

And it WILL reward you! Here’s your first step….

STEP 1: Spend the next 7 days recording absolutely everything you put into your mouth. Food and drink. WHY?

  • To get a clear understanding of what you are eating (only recording it reveals the truth!)
  • To understand the macronutrient range you are in (percentage of carbohydrates, protein and fats)
  • To understand the calorie range you are maintaining at.

I will reveal WHY you need to know all of this over the next few blogs…

Want an easy peasy way to calculate all of this?

Check out – it’s my best friend and it will become yours… Here’s a video of how I use it:


Stay tuned for STEP 2….


In the meantime, if you would like to contact me for a personal consultation so you can discover exactly why you can’t lose weight…be sure to CLICK HERE to send me a message & we will set up a time to talk all about you!