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The Latest Transformational Holiday Craze & The Best Place To Experience It!

There is a new holiday craze taking Australian men and women looking for a transformational holiday, by storm! It’s called ‘Fusion Fitness Holidays’. Samantha from reveals exactly what they are and why they are gaining popularity. This could be the answer to your future holiday requirements that will keep all travellers happy! Samantha also…

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Sexy Back Workout

Best Back Workout For Females Who Wear Sexy Summer Singlets

Imagine this….behind you is a trail of destruction….coffees dropping, jaws hitting the floor, briefcases thrown, men ‘standing’ to attention, women giving you the ‘evil’ eye while whispering ‘who IS that?’…all of this and you don’t even know it… Why? Because you have been doing my Super Sexy Summer Singlet Back Workout and your ‘back’ side…

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CAKE…I ate CAKE! I had PT this morning and it was LEGS day! Oh my goodness…it hurt…but not in the way I expected. My warm up consisted of 60 walking lunges with dumbbells – 3 times over! That’s 180 lunges! Then my trainer says to me…”that was the warm up!” “Yah what?” MINDSET: Interesting thing…

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TIME FOR AN ALL OUT REST DAY Seeing my ‘rest day’ earlier in the week turned out to be one of my most ‘non-rest’ days of the week…I chose to have a rest day before my PT session tomorrow…after all…I am training LEGS! Not to mention, my legs are still sore from last week. So…

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SUPER SEXY SHOULDERS Shoulders – it’s a very small muscle group but once developed…can really shape your body and create a beautiful physique. If I had a dollar for every time a woman has asked me how I get my arms to look the way they do…I would be super rich! Now I am no…

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WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING….. Ahhhh….Rest day. Rest is incredibly important for results. In fact, recent studies have shown ‘sleep’ is actually one of the biggest factors in weight loss. Some claim you can ‘lose weight when you sleep!” Inadequate sleep wreaks havoc with your hormones causing you to crave carbs, high sugar foods and deep fried…

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Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 9.44.26 pm

My Food Diary Super Hero!

Yes….I have a superhero…it’s my Food Diary! Here’s a great tip for you when embarking on a body transformation that was, for me. the difference in just talking about it and actually doing it. Keep a diary about: Nutrition – this keeps you accountable like nothing I have ever tried! Seeing it in front of…

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Arnie wisdom

5 Reasons Weight Training Makes You Wise…weight training wisdom

Weight Training Wisdom….one of my FAVOURITE subjects… I mentioned in my Body Transformation 2015 post it was incredibly difficult to even contemplate doing another body transformation after competing in 2 back to back fitness model competitions late last year. Yet I am – and not only that – I am stepping it up a level to…

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Sack Your Personal Trainer IF They Say This…Advice for Novice Fitness Competition Preparation

Recently during my fitness competition preparation I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing trainers and coaches in the industry. Often the conversation would turn to the horrendous things some women were doing to themselves to compete on stage. This would lead to the conversation about the ‘advice’ some of these women have been given…

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How To Get Motivated DURING A Workout…The No.1 Tool That Changed The Shape of My Body

I am speaking today with my trainer – Paul Michael – who has transformed my body from where it used to be to where it is now…and I can tell you…I much prefer where it is now. We are talking about something that can really change the outcome of every single workout that you do…and…

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