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The Most Affordable Wellness Retreats To Visit For Your Next Holiday

Want to discover one of the most affordable wellness retreats to visit for your next holiday? Samantha Lippiatt from Health and Fitness Travel is about to reveal all about where to go to come back feeling like you’ve actually had a holiday…   CLICK HERE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT FUSION MAIA…

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I am passionate about sharing some amazing ‘unkown’ super-juice for health and fat loss. TODAY – something to make your fat loss EASIER! I am going to reveal why you’re note motivated to lose weight. I began studying the power of the mind over the physiology of the body because my dad had a work…

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WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING….. Ahhhh….Rest day. Rest is incredibly important for results. In fact, recent studies have shown ‘sleep’ is actually one of the biggest factors in weight loss. Some claim you can ‘lose weight when you sleep!” Inadequate sleep wreaks havoc with your hormones causing you to crave carbs, high sugar foods and deep fried…

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My Food Diary Super Hero!

Yes….I have a superhero…it’s my Food Diary! Here’s a great tip for you when embarking on a body transformation that was, for me. the difference in just talking about it and actually doing it. Keep a diary about: Nutrition – this keeps you accountable like nothing I have ever tried! Seeing it in front of…

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5 Reasons Weight Training Makes You Wise…weight training wisdom

Weight Training Wisdom….one of my FAVOURITE subjects… I mentioned in my Body Transformation 2015 post it was incredibly difficult to even contemplate doing another body transformation after competing in 2 back to back fitness model competitions late last year. Yet I am – and not only that – I am stepping it up a level to…

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Is Junk Food Cheaper Than Healthy Food?

This is something I am told often, “but it’s cheaper to eat junk than healthy” (and it really gets up my nose!). So I decided to find out…is it really? Is junk food cheaper than healthy food? Let’s start with the pros and cons. PRO’S OF EATING HEALTHY • You lose fat • You increase…

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The 5 Biggest Excuses Women Make To Get Out Of Exercising (Hint – I’m too tired to exercise…)

We’ve all done it…it’s ok…nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Heck…I have even done this myself. In fact, just this morning I was considering pulling a ‘sickie’ on my personal trainer. My body was sore, I felt like I needed another 45 hours sleep and I knew I had a big day ahead. Income…

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3 Steps To Wake Up With More Energy In The Morning

Do you wake up each day counting down the hours until you can slip back between the sheets? Do you yawn your way through the day, thinking of all the things you ‘should’ be doing feeling as though you’re just too tired? If you answer yes to either of these….you are suffering from a case…

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How Do I Shrink My Stomach Fat?

HOW DO I SHRINK MY STOMACH FAT? Welcome once again to the Remarkable Fox’s Temple of Outrageous Hawt-ness. I’m Wendy Bentley – Author, Speaker, Personal Trainer, Coach and Thought Innovator – here to change the way you think, feel and act… This has got to be one of the most common questions asked when it…

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Can’t Lose Weight? – Maybe You Have A Muffin Top Mindset….

So do you have a muffin top mindset? Weird question I realise….BUT….and there is a very big BUTT….(no that’s not a spelling error!) hahaha Your MIND just may be the cause of your muffin top! For those of you that don’t know what a ‘muffin top’ is…let me explain… And please – as a side…

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