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The No Excuses Living Room Workout


Here is a super simple home workout you can do in your living (or hotel) room that will torch some serious calories… I’m going to demonstrate to you a workout you can do in the ‘smallest’ room. You can take this travelling with you and do it in a hotel room. I’ve done it many times. Or…

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The Essential Sexy Shoulder Warm Up

Why You Need to Do A Simple Sexy Shoulder Warm Up… The primary muscles in the shoulder are known as “deltoids”. There are several deltoid “heads”, including the anterior (front), lateral (side), and posterior (rear). Certain exercises such as side raises or front raises isolate the various “faces” of the deltoid muscle. Compound movements like the…

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Wendy's Wicked Weekend Workout

Wicked Weekend Workout

So what are you up to this weekend? How about your try this freakin’ REMARKABLE workout to get you all fired up inside and out I did this myself on Friday morning to set my metabolism on fire over the weekend. By Saturday….I was so hungry… For my body…that’s a key indicator for results! So…

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