I had PT this morning and it was LEGS day!

Oh my goodness…it hurt…but not in the way I expected.

My warm up consisted of 60 walking lunges with dumbbells – 3 times over!

That’s 180 lunges!

Then my trainer says to me…”that was the warm up!”

“Yah what?”


Interesting thing happened today after that training session…

My trainer and I spoke about my desires to work towards my first figure model competition.

This process involves a whole lotta eating!

It may seem like fun but as I have already experienced…it can be a very difficult process having to stuff yourself with food when you just don’t feel like eating. You’re full! You don’t want any more food…you’ve spent years dieting or living lean…now you need to feed like a crazy woman…?

We spoke about how it really messes with your head and the fact is. I WILL put on fat (I will get to this in a moment…)

To build muscle however, I need to fuel, fuel, fuel.

And to compete at the level I wish to compete….I need to build a LOT more muscle!

So what I am telling you here is….

It goes back to the phases I spoke about in the Body Transformation 2015 blog.

If you want to transform for the long term…you must ‘accept’ it’s a ‘process’.

Focus on ONE process at a time.

1. Get your head in the game and get your mindset right for what’s ahead.
2. Clean up your life – start to remove the ‘unclean’ nutritional choices and get ‘educated’ on what to fuel with.
3. Eat to build muscle and train in a way that will support that goal
4. Lean out…begin to wind down your food intake while nurturing the hard earned muscle you’ve trained your ass off for!

So back to ‘putting on fat’….

After I spoke to my trainer about this and about the fact I will need to eat a ‘lot’ of food…I could hear my thoughts having an internal party in my head! Cake, milky coffee, hot chips!

The fact is, I KNOW that extra fuel needs to come from the right sources…NOT…cake, milky coffee and hot chips!

Yet I found myself coming up with all sorts of exciting scenarios with eating.

Later that day, while shopping with a friend…I had an overwhelming urge to eat CAKE!


Big, fat chocolate with masses of ganache icing type cake.

And so I did!

What I learned was that one tiny comment from my trainer was enough for ‘ME’ to make excuses and take action that I KNOW won’t serve my long term goal.

So what do you do in this situation?

AWARENESS is everything….

As long as you know WHAT you have done and WHY you have done it….you can LEARN from it and overcome the next internal struggle with greater clarity and better thinking.

Here’s one powerful question you can ask to determine whether you are making an ‘excuse’ for your unsupportive behaviour or if it is truly serving you…

“At the end of the day, is this going to get me one step closer to my goal?”

If the answer is no, you know where it is coming from – then…you can decide if it is something you wish to do or not.

Sometimes you just need to do it – for your own sanity and rest yourself after. There’s nothing wrong with that every now and again. Just not every day.

For those of you who want a transformation just for yourself – 80/20 rule is a great one to work with. 80% good  / 20% whatever you like.

For those of you who want a serious transformation – 90/10 is a better formula.

For those of you who want to compete – it’s 100% effort on training AND nutrition!


I won’t reveal every single thing here due to respecting my PT’s business however I can reveal the exercises…

Warm Up:

Leg Extension / Hamstring Curl (prone).


60 walking lunges with DB x 3 sets

Barbell Squats – 12 x 3 sets

This seems like a very simple workout however the TECHNIQUE performed on these exercises caused me to reach absolute failure on each and every set. It was also an awesome cardio workout…I sweated, puffed and phanted like crazy!


Breakfast (before training):

Generic – 1/2 Cup Cooked Quinoa, 1/2 cup cooked 111 20 2 4 6 0
Aldi – Mixed Nuts, Raw, 30 gms 182 6 15 6 4 0
Gp – Almond Milk (Unsweetened), 2 oz 30 1 3 1 160 0
Blueberries – Frozen, unsweetened, 0.33 cup, unthawed 26 6 0 0 1 4
Add Food

349 33 20 11 171 4

Post Workout Protein Shake

Morning Snack:

Breadko Bakery – Garlic With Olive Oil Pita Bread, 1 pita 240 40 4 8 250 2
Homemade – Vegetable and Ham Omelette, 2 egg 110 6 3 14 0 0
Silk Pure Almond Mild – Silk Almond Milk Cappuccino, 1.5 cup 90 12 4 2 240 11


Homemade – Greek Salad, 2 cup 212 7 15 14 820 4
Silk Pure Almond Mild – Silk Almond Milk Cappuccino, 1 cup 60 8 3 1 160 7

Afternoon Snack:

1/2 Thebroma Big Ass Chocolate Cake!


Eggs – Hard Boiled, 1 Large Egg (50 g) 78 0 5 6 62 0
Raw – Broccolini, 100 g raw 34 7 0 3 34 2


I was feeling so terrible after eating the cake I decided to do a little HIIT session once I digested it a little to burn off the sugar overload.

I did a 45 minute hill session.

30 mins hill intervals – walk 60 sec at 6kmm/ph – jog 60 sec at various speeds from 11km/ph to 14km/ph on up to 7% incline.

15 minute fat-burning walk


It was a super hard session but I felt AMAZING for it and over 500 calories burned!

Until tomorrow :-)