The No Excuses Living Room Workout


Here is a super simple home workout you can do in your living (or hotel) room that will torch some serious calories…

I’m going to demonstrate to you a workout you can do in the ‘smallest’ room.

You can take this travelling with you and do it in a hotel room.

I’ve done it many times.

Or you can literally throw it in a ten minute break – in your living room, or even at work, if you’re really keen.

This workout consists of 4 exercises…

A fast squat
Star Jumps
Mountain Climbers
Jumping Lunges

These 4 exercises will be done back to back for one complete circuit.

50 Fast Squats

50 Star Jumps

100 Mountain Climbers

20 Jumping Lunges

After the end of each set you have a 60 second break, a drink of water, and go again.

Repeat this circuit 3 to 5 times and I guarantee, you WILL increase your fitness and you’ll be burning some serious fat from all the high intensity interval training within this workout.

And there you have it, the Remarkable Fox, living room cardio workout.

You can literally do this workout, in a tiny little room – as long as you’ve got enough space to fit your body length, you’ll get your heart rate right up, and you WILL break a sweat!