The REAL Reason You Have Tuck Shop Arms

I had 2 ladies request a training session with me yesterday…and they asked the 2 most common questions I am asked by females…

  1. How do I get rid of my ‘tuck shop’ arms?
  2. How do I get a flat stomach? (we will look into this one next week).

So many women still think you have to do endless arm exercises and countless crunches to achieve results in these two key areas of the body…but that’s NOT the case!

Yes….we can build some muscle on the arms and sculpt them them but at the end of the day….it’s body fat distribution that covers what’s hiding beneath and causes the ‘jiggle’ effect.


Where your fat is deposited however may come down to more than genetics….hormones play a HUGE role in this as well.

The fat stored on back of arms are often linked to the ‘toxins’ we are exposed to.

Here’s an example…

BPA (Bisphenol A) is often found in plastic containers and is often released when heated, leaching into the food you eat from said container.

These toxins (known as obesogens) cause an abnormal hormonal response to occur because they ‘disrupt’ normal hormonal responses in the body.

BPA in particular binds and activates the ‘estrogen’ receptors…tricking the body into thinking you have more estrogen in your body than you actually do!

This form of ‘estrogen’ passes through the liver for detoxification however it causes the liver to ‘change’ the way it processes estrogen INCLUDING ‘normal’ estrogen to help the body deal with the overload (stressor).

An excess of estrogen causes ‘estrogen dominance’….at this point…estrogen is then treated by the liver as a ‘toxin’ causing your body to send this hormone off to the fat cells in ‘distal’ locations around the body  – that means it sends the ‘toxin’ as far away from the vital organs as possible (ie arms, bum, legs).

To add salt to the wound – excess estrogen also slows down the metabolism by decreasing thyroid function. YIKES!

And to make matters even WORSE…

This type of estrogen dominate fat tissue has a terrible blood and nerve supply as it is a mere 2mm under the skin (the body does this to isolate the toxin as much as possible)…as a result…the brain doesn’t even know it’s there so it’s very difficult to lose it without taking the right action! (see for more on this).

Here’s what is meant to happen….

Estrogen is a sex hormone contributing to healthy menstural cycles.

A healthy balance of estrogen can actually enhance fat loss because it decreases activity of fat absorption in fat cells. During exercise estrogen can also increase the activity of a an enzyme known as HSL which promotes the breakdown of fat.

To have a healthy amount of estrogen and have it working ‘for’ you rather than ‘against’ you….it’s super important to maintain a healthy body weight.

Here’s how to get your estrogen balance back and reveal those sexy, firm arms you so secretly desire…

Address the estrogen issue by following these simple steps (although these steps are not always possible…do the best you can and support the detoxification process through diet and supplementation):

  1. Reduce the amount of toxins you are consuming by…
    • Using natural products: personal care products – According to Poliquin – lotion, sunscreen, hair products, soap, cosmetics, perfume; cleaning products (all); air fragrances, including candles, sprays, plug-ins, incense; house paint (stains, solvents, carpet cleaner). Go to the Environmental Working Group web site for information on safe products.
    • Use glass or steel for carrying food and never heat food in plastic containers (even if it says BPA free as other chemicals cause a similar effect)
    • Avoid using aluminium canned food it possible OR find canned food labeled BPA free (a recent study showed eating canned soup for dinner for five days was shown to increase BPA levels by 1,221 percent!)
    • Consume as much hormone free food as possible
  2. Support toxin elimination through nutrition and supplementation:
    • Eat a well balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates and good quality fats avoiding and excess of sugars and starchy carbs (consuming more carbs than you need will increase insulin in the blood which increases estrogen production)
    • Consuming Omega 3’s (particularly whole flaxseeds) to encourage estrogen to take the more favourable pathway in the body after processing by the liver rather than the ‘toxin’ pathway. Flaxseeds have added benefit of fibre which binds to the estrogen taking it out of the body
    • Increase your consumption of detoxifying foods such as green leafy vegetables
    • Increase your fibre intake to at least 25 grams per day
    • Consider supplementing with selenium, melatonin, zinc, green tea, citrus flavonones (found in citrus rinds), folic acid, and B6 and B12.


To Summarise:

Step 1: Consider your environment and your nutrition….what are you doing to contribute to this problem that you can change?


Step 2: Exercise! But don’t just focus on arms alone….a full body program will help you to burn MORE calories further contributing to body fat reduction. Just be sure to train with INTENSITY!

Now Go Out There & Be REMARKABLE!